Monday, June 26, 2017

An Orchestra - VSCO2

Latest and last (really probably) version on this page!
Live as free as you can.

These are all for Kontakt and require a pretty recent version. Since a company issued an invalid take down order there have been issues with downloads. I just put up a complete 1.7 gig version using the generic name Chamber Orchestra which hopefully can be downloaded. It is the first link.

VSCO 2 Community Homepage for Samples, SFZ, Demos and more.

Etherealwinds Harp CE for Kontakt 
Harp SFZ, VSTi, etc... page
EWHarp: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license: Versilian Studios

String & Woodwind Demo
Soundcloud Demo
Demo of the Harp by WhiteNoiz
Percussion Demo 
Soundcloud Demo kindly created for me by Sam from the VST version.
Res Evil 3, Res Evil Main Hall Demos by WhiteNoiz 
The String Pack includes 857 samples in the forms of a complete String Section, Solo Violin, Violin Section, Viola Section, Cello Section, Solo Contrabass and Harp. There are 23 nki patches. The basic nki for each instrument or section uses R.D.Villwock aka Big Bob's WIPs scripts for fake round robin on the longs and legato. The Modwheel nki does modwheel crossfading thanks to Nils Liberg's script. The Ensemble nki lets you crank up to 7 time more instruments, though it is set at 3 and too many might sound a bit odd. Jay Bacal wrote the Ensemble script.

As a rule of thumb the instruments have two velocity layers and are sampled about every third note. The shorts usually have two round robins. The articulations include Arco Vibrato, Tremolo, Spiccato, Pizzicato and single layer Arco Vibrato Loud and Soft.

The Brass Pack has 774 samples across 5 instruments. This includes a Trumpet with some nice mutes, a somewhat lightly sampled French Horn, a Trombone, a more heavily sampled Old Trombone with a unique sound and a Tuba. These are all solo instruments, though the Ensemble script can give the illusion of a section. The WIPs scripts for fake round robins and legato are used for the main patches along with a modwheel crossfade and ensemble script for each instrument. There is are some 'First Chairs' nkis that have the solo instruments, except the Old Trombone, playing together and two brass chord and arpeggio nkis.

What makes this release unique compared to the first Kontakt version are the modwheel xfades, the ensembles and the arp and chord scripts.

This uses Sam Gossner's great VSCO2 samples, my script from Matt McKay and a bit of advice from Evil Dragon. Note the name VSCO 2 is used to give attribution to the sampling project from which these samples were taken. It doesn't imply any form of endorsement.

VSCO2 Samples are Creative Commons 0 : Sam Gossner. This means you don't have to thank him but he is a great guy so you might anyway. Also he sells a Pro Version that I bought (and I'm notoriously cheap) that has lots more notes, velocity layers, mics and stuff then are here including 90+ instruments with lots of solo orchestral instruments and awesome weird instruments like ancient flutes and an ophicleide which is legal in all 50 states.


  1. Some sound exaples, please.

  2. Well, well, what do We have here? How's it work? What's it do? Does it do M3? Or does it do You? Who knew? Why not? Where in? What's hot? Show M3 something in that you hear with eyes wide shut on sweetest fear of all Your love holds dear. Show M3 Yours I'll show You Their's as if They'd even give a damn, Mine is appropriated property of Mjr. Pamm E Jamm... ~;-}

  3. For examples, just under the picture (above), click the link:
    VSCO 2 Community Homepage for Samples, SFZ and more.

  4. This looks interesting. Will it be something in the line of The Orchestra?

    1. On a limited basis that is the idea. I don't have the programming ability that the guys on The Orchestra have and their work is amazing. However some of the harmonizing and arpeggio scripting that comes with Kontakt allows for chords and user defined arpeggios. Creating 'sections' and envelope adjustment is also possible. So I can achieve some of the same effects.

  5. Definitely an interesting concept. Would love to see more about it in the future!

  6. Hi, I successfully downloaded the VSCO2 to the plugins components folder in Mac and opening garageband was able to open individual instruments, play them and save them. But when I tried to open them again in the Instruments section of garageband, the application crashed. I restarted my computer. and tried several times, with 4 different VSCO2 instruments. But always crashed.

    Here is the report, if that is helpful:
    Process: GarageBand [447]
    Path: /Applications/
    Version: 10.1.2 (4370.4)

    PlugIn Path: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/VSCO2 Orchestra.component/Contents/MacOS/MSP
    PlugIn Identifier: com.maizesoft.MSP
    PlugIn Version: 2.4.0 (185)

    Date/Time: 2017-09-21 14:19:11.304 -0400
    OS Version: Mac OS X 10.12.5 (16F73)

    Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:

    Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
    Exception Codes: EXC_I386_GPFLT
    Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

    Termination Signal: Segmentation fault: 11
    Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0xb
    Terminating Process: exc handler [0]

    Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
    0 com.maizesoft.MSP 0x0000000177cf5759 MSample::~MSample() + 89
    USB Device: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad
    USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller
    Thunderbolt Bus: MacBook Pro, Apple Inc., 27.1

    1. I'm sorry you are having this problem. I posted your issue on the Maize Sampler support forum at KVR. Hopefully they will have an answer.

  7. Both of these links are dead. Mediafire claims DMCA for the reason of removing them... :/

    An Orchestra - Strings - VSCO2
    An Orchestra - Brass - VSCO2

    1. Thanks for letting me know. The company that filed the claims was supposed to tell mediafire to release the claims on the files. I will check it out.

  8. I'd like to thank you very much for this contribution. It's hard to make music if you're broke.